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Picture of owner, Taz

Hi, I'm Taz!

As a child I had always been passionate about hair and makeup, so much so that my Mum continues to tell me stories till today, about how I’d constantly pester her for new dolls and make-up sets; at the age of 5! 

Mum saw the sparkle in my creativity long before I knew what life would unfold – she knew where my career would lead – call it, ‘mother’s intuition?’. 

I don’t remember that; being so young! But what I do remember is seeing my loved ones with smiles on their faces after I’d pamper them, doing their hair and make-up in my early teens. I loved brightening their weekend! It made me feel proud that I had done something to make them feel better about themselves. 

As the saying goes, ‘mother knows best’,  I attended college completing my hair and beauty qualifications within 2 years, upskilling and improving my creativity further.

Looking back; from volunteering backstage at community fashion shows as a hair and make-up stylist; offering hair braiding services for family, friends, and within the community; and having the opportunity in my early 20’s to do bridal hair and make-up – all alongside working in the industry… it has been a rollercoaster!


Indeed, a good one, at that. One I would not change had I another opportunity.

I have met some amazing people along this journey, and wonderful clients with whom I keep in touch to the present day. A few years ago, I became a mum, and since, I have been juggling work around my kids. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to wake up every day knowing I will make someone feel better about themselves and have a positive impact on their mental health and self-esteem. 

I cannot imagine doing anything else! I continue to be passionate about my craft, as it was the first time, where I remember picking up a make-up brush or curling tongs.

I welcome you, warm heartedly to a business I began with little awareness, at the age of 15,without knowing it would continue to be such a massive part of my life into my 30’s.

I hope soon we cross paths, and I have the opportunity to meet you. I offer a full range of beauty and hair services. Please head over to my Facebook / Instagram for more information, and behind the scenes at Taz Hair & Beauty.


Much love,


White Rocks

Get in touch

I can be reached by phone, email or through the website. To contact us, call 07599 645522, email or fill out the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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